19 May 2017

Brooke Ansley’s “Whiskey Wednesday” Music Video is Released

The music video, filmed on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Calif. in one consecutive shot, was thoughtfully created and co-directed by Ansley herself – right down to the stilettos with spurs she designed with her local shoe repairman and her close friends who star alongside her – with the goal of empowering fearless, fun, independent females while not breaking the bank with a high-budget production.

“I picked the location because it is an area where my girlfriends and I spend time together when we need to be reminded that we’re all okay and we have each other,” says Ansley. “I’ve learned through this process how to own who I am as an artist and a brand, and how important it is to be your own producer. No one else will do it for you.”


Fun Facts About the Video:

  • The video was filmed in all one shot down Sunset Blvd
  • In Hollywood, you don’t need a permit to shoot video as long as the camera never hits the ground
  • Brooke designed the “stilettos with the spurs” from heels she found on Melrose and spurs she ordered online
  • The “construction worker” costume was borrowed from a company that is currently doing renovations in Brooke’s office building
  • Everyone in the cast and crew of the video is a friend of Brooke’s who volunteered their swagger
  • Brooke picked the location of the video while on a jog – she was inspired by the lighting on Sunset Blvd at dusk
  • The video was shot just a mile from where she lives
  • While filming, the group ended up on the Instagram Story of Vanity Fair editor Derek Blasberg, as he happened to be just walking by
  • The cast rehearsed and filmed from 11am until 7pm on a Saturday, and the very last shot was used for the final video
  • All of the lighting in the video is “natural” Sunset Blvd neon signage and sunset
  • This video was made possible only by the amazing supporters of the Help Me I’m Brooke campaign, who’s names are listed at the end of the video

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